The Story of Young Coffee Entrepreneur: Kerenga

January 24 at 4:12 PM from Facebookcom

I don’t usually take a second glance at street sellers… but this one immediatly stole my attention and he was NOT reselling store bought items.

He was selling small homemade packets of ground coffee for 50t

The coffee was grounded to an almost “instant coffee” texture.

Me being me… I engaged on a long conversation with him. I was so fascinated by his character. He was so open and honest and cheerful and …innocent…and so happy and excited at his own words and explanations as he talked with me……Something you don’t see too often with our youth today.

His name is Kerenga, he lives in the mountains with his old father.

It was his father who taught him to dry the coffee beans, roast and grind using their old hand grinder.

He says he only has done schooling up to grade 6.

I will keep you a posted on our next leg of exciting journey with young Kerenga❤

I’m so glad I met this amazing young coffee entrepreneur.

Yep he is another one of them amazing GEMS❤

Here he is trying to show me some more of his wares…ground coffee, ground turmeric and ground chillie…all for 50t a pack.