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Papua Arabica Coffee, Wamena Single Origin and Baliem Arabica Coop

Baliem Blue Coffee )BBCfffee_ in various sizes and packaging
Baliem Arabica Cooperative, Wamena, Wet Papua

Baliem Arabica Cooperative, Wamena, Wet Papua

The Coffee Business in West Papua started since 2007, when the USAID funds seek for beneficiaries and found Ev. Selion Karoba, S.Th., and his coffee group that he set up in 1996 in order to help his elder brother, Yalimu Karoba to roast and drink his coffee. Yalimu has been planting coffee since the Dutch Colonial time, when he was a small boy. He continued planting them and processing them for himself, not for sale.

Since 2007, a coop by the name of Baliem Arabica Cooperative was set up, under the funding of USAID, and Ev. Selion Karoba was elected as the chair of the cooperative.

Since then coffee farmers groups were formed in various parts in come of the the central highlands villages. Coffee trees were taken care, and the coop held a series of training to help the farmers better process the coffee.

Just in less then 3 years, the Papua Coffee, Wamena Single Origin was certified organic by various international certification organisations such as Rainforest Alliance and CERES.

Papua Arabica Coffee, Wamena Single Origin then certified as Papua Arabica Specialty Coffee in 2008.

In 2009 the cooperative exported for the first time, the Baliem Arabica Coffee, or Papua Coffee, Wamena Single Origin to the USA market. Since then the coop had been exporting to the USA and other international markets.

Baliem Arabica Coffee was branded as the “Baliem Blue Coffee” as the end product of the Papua Wamena Single Origin Coffee.

Baliem Blue Coffee or BBCoffee is now sold widely in West Papua and Indonesia as freshly roasted beans or ground coffee. Pleaes go to, and to see our products.

The Sales of the Papua Coffee is done by the First and only online store with its Group Companies as follows


The cooperative process the coffee in Jayapura where there is a coffee production house or commonly called “BBCoffee Warehouse”, at Kampung Harapan, East Sentani, Jayapura Regency.

Its main marketing, distribution and sales office is in Yogyakarta, Maguwoharjo, Depok, Sleman. This is the centre for Online Store, and the Papua e-Commerce Development Office. This office was set up on 1 July 2013.

The coop also set up its distribution office in Jakarta on 1 December 2015, on Jalan Moh Kahfi 1, Ciganjur, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta, just 1 km off the famous Ragunan Zoo.

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Food Alchemy Papua Coffee

Christina Avaness – At events I encounter many questions…recently someone asked what Roast I recommend and when I answered they said that the information was very helpful and I should post it! So here goes…

Selecting a Roast depends on your taste and what properties of the coffee you are looking for…

Light roast provides a mild flavor and more caffeine content excellent choice for those looking for a morning boost! Recommended for drivers and for students who spend long hours behind the wheel and/or studying.

Medium roast maintains good caffeine content I recommend it for for those who like their coffee with cream and sugar and also for those interested in trying Papua for the first time.

Medium/Dark roast offers full bodied flavor for those who enjoy drinking their coffee black and also appreciate the alkalizing and detoxifying properties of Papua.

Dark roast offers a rich full flavor and an abundance of essential oils to help the body alkalize and detoxify. Also it may surprise you to know that it has the least caffeine content. Great flavor and mild caffeine make this the best choice if your looking for “decaf”.

We roast Papua coffee beans exclusively, so every roast provides the healthful detoxifying properties that make “Papua the best non-acidic coffee in the world!”

There is additional information on our website:

I encourage you to visit the website and see the amazing variety Food Alchemy Papua Coffee has to offer!

Christina Avaness
Food Alchemist

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