Hello world! Hello Coffee! Hello New Guinea!

New Guinea Coffee, the coffee products from both West Papua (West New Guinea) and East Papua (Papua New Guinea) are popular in coffee world. The most famous one is “Goroka Coffee”, then others follow, such as “Hagen Coffee”, “Sigri Coffee” and “Wamena Coffee”. Recently there have been other coffee brands appearing in coffee industry in Papua New Guinea and we have seen “Mossin Coffee” and “Kongo Coffee” also become popular with other coffee products from Western New Guinea such as Amung Me Gold Coffee, Moanemani Coffee and others.

Most of coffee products/ brands from New Guinea Island are locally grown, locally processed and locally sold to local, regional and global markets. Some of the famous coffee industries like Mossin Coffee and Goroka Coffee are already managed by global companies, but many of coffee brands in New Guinea are still local.