Organic Arabica Coffee: Special Price for Special Buyers

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Papua Arabica Coffee
Organic Arabica Wamena

Organic Arabica (Papua Arabica) Coffee with Special Price for Special buyers is on offer from 22 July 2014 to 22 August 2014

This is a very special offer to

  • our regular customers (those who have been buying Papua arabica coffee within the last 5 months, or
  • those who want to buy our coffee now and will buy our coffee on regular basis from now on
  • those who want to buy maximum of 500 kg

of Organic Papua Arabica Green Beans

It has been reported by KSU Baliem Arabica on its site that this year’s first harvest is in July 2014 and it is now on sale. Anyone can buy from now and until 22 August 2014, the cooperative will change its policy on the price.

This special offer puts the price at Rp.67.000,- per kg of Papua Arabica Green Beans.

Here is the specification of the coffee as sent by Warehouse manager in Wamena just some days ago:

1. Coffee Variety:   Arabica
2. Moisture:             11,5-12,5 %
3, Grade:                   Grade One
4. Certification:       Organic RA/ Control Union
5. Price :                    FOB Sentani Wirehouse, Jayapura dengan harga special Rp. 67.000/ kg.
6. Processed:           “wet hulling” technique (also called semi-washed)

Those who want to know more information please contact us:

  • Phone: +6281238301001 (English) +6285769223000 (Malay – Indonesian)
  • Email:;;;

How to purchase?

You can purchase by contacting us directly. We will provide you with our bank account details so that you can transfer to our bank account either online or bank wire.

We appologize that so far we do not have online purchasing system that is available for sale in English language. We have Online Shop in Malay (Indonesian) version at In the future we want to develop as Online Shopping Centre for Papua Products but it is still under development.

In the meantime, we have another online shop for regular purchasing at Please do visit and have a look at what we offer there.



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