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Christina Avaness – At events I encounter many questions…recently someone asked what Roast I recommend and when I answered they said that the information was very helpful and I should post it! So here goes…

Selecting a Roast depends on your taste and what properties of the coffee you are looking for…

Light roast provides a mild flavor and more caffeine content excellent choice for those looking for a morning boost! Recommended for drivers and for students who spend long hours behind the wheel and/or studying.

Medium roast maintains good caffeine content I recommend it for for those who like their coffee with cream and sugar and also for those interested in trying Papua for the first time.

Medium/Dark roast offers full bodied flavor for those who enjoy drinking their coffee black and also appreciate the alkalizing and detoxifying properties of Papua.

Dark roast offers a rich full flavor and an abundance of essential oils to help the body alkalize and detoxify. Also it may surprise you to know that it has the least caffeine content. Great flavor and mild caffeine make this the best choice if your looking for “decaf”.

We roast Papua coffee beans exclusively, so every roast provides the healthful detoxifying properties that make “Papua the best non-acidic coffee in the world!”

There is additional information on our website:

I encourage you to visit the website and see the amazing variety Food Alchemy Papua Coffee has to offer!

Christina Avaness
Food Alchemist



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